A bit about me...

Hi I'm Mikhaila!

I'm a yoga instructor, a fitness junkie, a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a lover of food and fashion and fun and life!! Until COVID-19 came around I was almost never home - I was always at the gym where I worked, or out with friends and family painting the town red - and spent more time upside down than right side up! Well COVID-19 flipped all of our lives around, and I found myself spending much of my time suddenly sitting on my butt on my computer trying to find a solution to stay connected, stay sane and stay in shape!! I started teaching classes online as a way to keep myself busy (it kept me from watching the news and crying and drinking too much), and stay active with my husband and kids, and anyone else who might be watching and following along. it turned out people all over the world were watching and following along and were so grateful and inspired. I started teaching more and more and it became...the Good Vibe Tribe.


I am a certified Power Yoga instructor, Yoga Sculpt instructor, Group Fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, Mat Pilates instructor, barre instructor, cycling instructor, boxing instructor, Zumba instructor, Plyoga instructor, Master Hipbox instructor, Master Speedball instructor, and Master Crew Coach for WaterRower. I was invited to be on the Leadership Team for Project HOPE in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown to present about emotional intelligence and resilience.


I have been a lead instructor for several boutique studios in Chicago, and before the gym's temporary closure I was the Group Fitness Coordinator for Lakeshore Sport & Fitness. I LOVED my job and looked forward to going to work everyday. I loved being creative, collaborative, and coming up with new and exciting ways to think about making exercise FUN!  

I have created many original fitness formats including BarreBODY, MEGA Mat, FreeFLOW, YogaSMART, Diesel, DEFCON, Dirty 30s, VinyasaROW and BarreFIGHT as well as producing 100s  of special events including weekly Yoga & Wine events for the past 6 years! My style of teaching has always been centered around creating authentic connections and building community, and I am committed to continue teaching this way from an online platform.

I am currently living in Chicago with my husband Mark, our two daughters Chloe and Iris, two cats Mina and Pfeiffer and our new puppy, Margot, in a cozy little townhouse downtown which is starting to feel cozier every day! 


"I found Mikhaila at my gym in Chicago, and devoted myself to her Saturday Yoga Sculpt class. I never missed a session unless I was out of when we escaped our apartment to shelter with family back East, it was a godsend to find Mikhaila online! Instead of once a week, I now work out with her almost every day, and I've gained a community of likeminded die-hard Mikhaila fans. Her smile and energy and positivity are infectious. And when she calls me out by name in class with an, 'Awesome, Heidi!,' I beam with pride. I do not know how she can do so much without stopping, but she is my inspiration! And I'm not gonna lie...I like that this strong woman plays as hard as she works and doesn't make me feel guilty for wanting a cocktail after a tough workout or week!" 

I have been taking Mikhaila's classes since she started her fitness career. She is the one who encouraged me to give them a try. I was hesitant because I wasn't in the best shape. Mikhaila in her positive way simply said, "You have to start somewhere." She was right! 


Mikhaila is an amazing teacher. Her classes are always challenging in the best possible way. She guides you through them with encouragement the entire time. She explains how to modify and to focus on you. Mikhaila provides a sense of community inside the studio and out.  I am truly grateful.

Vanessa A.

Heidi M.