A new system for booking classes

What's old is new again! Kind of.

I'm going back to using that cute little spread sheet I created originally to show you when and where my classes are and Zoom classes are now CLICKABLE! Simply click on the name of the class you want and it will take you to a link to register. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy!!!

Book classes through the Class Schedule page. I made this adjustment because I was getting a LOT of feedback that the booking app I was using on this website was frustrating and difficult to use. So I'm taking it offline for now and reverting to the previous system - new and improved!

It makes me feel a little better to be able to fix a problem. To simply push some buttons and copy-paste some links and delete some dysfunctional apps and then look it over and think to myself...ok, I think that's better now! It's so different from the strife and chaos and complexity we are facing in the world and within ourselves every moment of every day right now. I hope you are all safe. I'll leave you with this Mantra to guide you through the day ahead with good energy and intention: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free. And may my thoughts, words, and actions in some way contribute to their happiness and their freedom.

Proceeds from this weeks classes will go to ACLU. Thanks for your support!

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