Class on Monday! TGIM!!

Hey fam! I hope you have all been enjoying some of the new content I've been putting up on the GVT TV page! I like the way the livestream allows me to record (and the audio/video quality is much better than zoom) BUT I miss your FACE! I'm planning to teach a good old fashioned zoom class on Monday - I hope you can join in for a great workout! Register on the events page! I will also try to record the class via livestream so if you can't make it live it should be available on GVT TV for rental or purchase. This is assuming I'm able to pull off this highly advanced technical stunt! Haha! Cross your fingers for me, send good juju and if possible show up for the LIVE class at 9am so we have lots of great energy to work with! 60 min classes are $10 per person, but do let me know if you need a scholarship code and I'll create one. I want this to be inclusive to all. Movement and fitness is essential for our mental and physical health! Lots of love.

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