Cooking with Cookie

I don't think this photo does justice to this incredible PILE but this is a stack of hundreds of recipes my mom has cooked over the course of the past 9 months of self-quarantine and keeps in her cookbook book shelf in the kitchen. I cannot get my hand around the whole thing. Seeing this inspired me to invite her to be a food writer for the blog. Not only is my mom a fantastic and prolific cook, she's also a great writer and storyteller and a wonderful teacher and guide when it comes to all things food - procuring, cooking and of course, eating! She has been the chairperson of an underground food coop in Chicago since the early 90s, has established relationships with food vendors all over the city and beyond, cooks multi-course meals almost every day, whether she's cooking for 2 or 20, and enjoys the talents of the city's best chefs as a patron of Chicago's eclectic and esteemed restaurant scene. It seems only fair that she shares her wisdom, passion, excitement and expertise about food with our community here at Good Vibe Tribe! Keep an eye out for posts from my mom Cathy AKA Cookie, our new resident Food Blogger!

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