Family Fitness Class Tomorrow Night!

Hi everyone! Please join me for Family Fitness tomorrow night! This kid-friendly class is for everyone (it's basically my normal fitness class but I will promise not to say swears!) and it is a charitable event so it's for a great cause, to raise money for my kids school! Click here to register!

I have to say I've missed seeing you all both in real life classes and on zoom! You many have noticed I'm taking a break from teaching classes at LSF for now, and I'm thinking about teaching classes more regularly on zoom...especially if there's another shutdown which I'm thinking there will be, because things are pretty darn bad right now and getting exponentially worse everyday. Stay safe everyone. Make smart, responsible, respectful choices. Take care of yourselves, your loved ones and those you inadvertently affect. If you like the idea of doing some virtual classes again, let me know! And meanwhile hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow night!

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