Fitness for Ogden Event on Thursday!

Hello GVT! 

Happy October! It’s been a minute! I’ve missed you all! I hope you are enjoying fall and getting into the swing of your patterns these days with school, work, and whatever autumnal life is like for you. I hope your family is safe and healthy and in good spirits! I am still keeping myself busy as a bee, fortunately we are all in good health, and we have found virtual school to be much less terrible than it was in the spring. Every day brings it’s unexpected challenges, mostly little things to gripe about that are just as quickly overcome and forgotten. Still the burdens of the nation and the world continue the weigh heavily upon us all and test our fortitude of spirit and character daily. 

I do apologize for neglecting you, my virtual students! With so many people working and schooling from inside our house it has become all but impossible to add a virtual aerobics schedule to the mix currently. Plus I am back at work teaching a full schedule of in-person classes during a pandemic which takes up my entire brain space and all of my energy for now, I hope you understand. I have enjoyed seeing many of you on the great lawn at LSF for lovely outdoor workouts during the summer season!

Meanwhile I have a special event on the calendar for this week on Thursday at 6pm and I hope you can attend! I would love to see your dear faces and sweat with you! This is a charitable event and all proceeds will benefit my kid's school, Ogden/Jenner, so this is truly a great cause. I’m on the board of Friends of Ogden and get to have an inside look at how badly they need every extra dollar right now - I’m honored to donate my time and skills to bolster our community and serve the students and teachers at Ogden/Jenner. If you have friends who would like to work out for a great cause please send them my way! Learn more and register for the event here

Fitness for Ogden!!

Thursday Oct 8 at 6pm 

Virtual Workout - Tickets sold on GVT

Wear comfortable movement clothes and sneakers and have a water bottle and towel handy. No equipment required. 

This will be the first of a series of fitness events for Ogden which will occur on the 2nd Thursday of each month, so mark your calendar and please plan to be a regular supporter! This will be the best way to get a great workout, connect with likeminded people, and empower a downtown CPS school with necessary funding during a difficult time. 

I really hope I will see you on Thursday! Have a great week everyone. Sending lots of love, strength, air kisses and good vibes! 

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