Happy Fathers Day + International Day of Yoga!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Wishing you a chill and excellent day with your families! May your praises be sung far and wide! Thanks for all you do!

Today is also the International Day of Yoga! So while I would love to encourage you to roll out your mat and make some amazing shapes I'd also like to remind you that yoga is about so much more than postures (asana) and the benefits we personally reap from this physical practice. The word Yoga comes from the word yoke (harness) and means "union." You can think about the unity of breath and movement or mind and body within your self, but also the bigger unity of your individual entity with those around you living in harmony in the universe. How can we lead the way, yogis, with kindness, honesty, courage, and selflessness?

The world needs our good energy. Commit to walking the path of the yogi. It's much more than wearing stretchy pants and mastering chaturangas! Today challenge yourself to breathe deeply, listen with an open heart and an open mind, speak your truth, and always lead with love.

Focus: Ahimsa/Non-Violence

Compassion/love/respect for all living beings including yourself. Non-violence in your thoughts, words and actions. Study where and how violent thoughts, words and actions creep in and ask yourself how can you make an exchange to practice peace and respect? Food for thought: A saying I hear frequently these days is "Silence is Violence." Why is it not enough to be not-racist? Why is it important to speak up in a kind and honest way when you see or hear something hurtful or offensive rather than saying nothing?

"If you can understand why the discomfort of a yoga pose is beneficial to your healing or growth, then you must understand that the discomfort of anti-racism work is one and the same. Discomfort is where the growth is. It is where the medicine is. It is where the liberation is."

- Shirin Eskandani

I did a course in Anti-Racism for Fitness Professionals with Chrissy King earlier this week (follow her and learn from her!) and it was very eye opening, intense, uncomfortable, powerful and helpful. I learned a lot about how much I DO NOT KNOW about racism and that it is first and foremost a PRIVILEGE that I GET to learn about it rather than experiencing it. I found the slide above from her presentation "cringy," to use a funny word my kids taught me to describe an awkwardly painful situation, especially the lower half. This is USEFUL though, so I wanted to share it with all of you and I hope you'll take some time to really examine and consider it. How many times do we encounter these examples in real life (or even participate in them) and do nothing? In this way we are complicit and actively helping to uphold White Supremacy. Silence is Violence!

My dad taught me to use my words. He is a pacifist and an anti-racist and believes strongly in non-violence and in equality and justice for all. I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day!

Peace and Love.

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