Introducing GVT Guest Blogger, Mental Health Expert, Katie Mason!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I am so excited to introduce a new friend to Good Vibe Tribe, Katie! As you all know mental health is something that I'm a huge proponent of, and I think the whole package of fitness and wellness includes self-care, self-love and an awareness of mental and emotional health. But what does that mean exactly?? I think it's time to bring in an expert to give us some professional guidance.

Meet Katie Mason! Katie is a therapist in Chicago who I met in my barre classes. We connected right away and I know she will be a great person to serve and support our community as a trusted resource on all things pertaining to mental health. "I love what I do, and my passion for mental health continues to grow," Katie says. "I want people to know that they can share their biggest struggles, insecurities, and past experiences with me without ever feeling judged." Recently, Katie transitioned into doing telehealth with clients due to COVID-19. "I have challenged myself to let more of my human side show, especially as we all face this time of uncertainty with the pandemic. I have been more authentic in my work with clients than ever before, because that is so necessary right now! I incorporate authenticity, humor, and validation within my work with clients. In my free time I enjoy trying new restaurants in Chicago, rollerblading along the lakefront, and jamming out to whatever music is playing around me (with not so great dance moves!)"

Katie has experience working with individuals, couples and families. She specializes in anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders/body-image conflicts, relationship dissatisfaction, and life transitions. She also has experience working with mood disorders, grief, and behavioral tendencies in children.

Katie will serve in this new role for the Good Vibe Tribe by being a contributor to the blog, sharing helpful and inspirational posts to help deepen your understanding of and address mental health issues. Keep an eye out for posts from Katie coming soon!! Thank you so much, Katie, for sharing your wisdom, compassion and good energy with our community! We are so lucky you are part of our tribe!

If you or someone you know is seeking out therapy, please visit her psychology today page at or email

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