Live Stream Class #1 is Done!

Hey all! I taught my first live stream class today! Thanks to all who participated! If you missed class you're not too late....

GVT Live Stream and Recorded Videos

Here's the deal with GVT live stream. It's a little more like Facebook Live, then the Zoom classes. So the benefit of this is twofold in my mind. 1. If the timing doesn't work for you, no big deal! You can tune in at your convenience and watch the recording! I'm offering a rental price and a purchase price (which will vary based on the length of the class, but it's in alignment with the pricing we've always set per class). Video rental will give you 72 hours to take class - purchase means you can enjoy unlimited streaming. 2. I can embed these videos in the website!! This basically means we will build a constantly updated library of fitness videos! This was what I originally envisioned GVT would provide but I was unable to embed recorded zoom classes which was totally frustrating and sad. So I HOPE this will be a good solution to that conundrum. I do however LOVE teaching Zoom classes. I love seeing your smiling faces and strong bodies in motion so I do plan to continue to offer Zoom classes.

Next Steps

Please check out the Live Stream Page on our Site. You may notice that you will be asked to sign in. If you have not yet created a profile, go ahead and do so now. Thanks in advance! Check out the upcoming offerings (mark your calendar!) and watch Breakfast Barre if you have not yet. I warmly welcome feedback! Feedback is the most important way for me to know if you are enjoying your experience or if you are planning to walk away and never come back. If there is something I can do slightly differently that will significantly improve your user experience PLEASE let me know. Sometimes it's very hard for me know unless you tell me, so I greatly value and appreciate your honest, kind, helpful feedback.

August Schedule

The August schedule is not set in stone, but I am planning to teach a Live Stream class at 9:30am every M/W/F and potentially more classes at 12pm (Weds) and 3pm (Tues/Thurs). My goal is to establish a full library of fitness videos in August, and then reassess in September. We may revert to mostly zoom classes in the fall/winter. AGAIN - I'm super open to feedback, suggestions, requests, comments, compliments etc! This is all for YOU!

Special Events

I don't have any special events lined up for August but August is my FAVORITE MONTH OF ALL! Does anyone have any super fun ideas??? I'm all ears....

Happy Friday everyone...I hope you are all safe and happy and healthy and hangin' in there! Lots of love to you all!


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