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It's been a while! I feel like I abandoned you! Between going back to work, and then my cat getting sick and dying, and then getting super sick myself (not Covid!), I was out of the game for several weeks. I've missed you! The good news is, I'm looking to dedicate a lot more time and attention to Good Vibe Tribe, including teaching more regular virtual classes! I also plan to be blogging more frequently, and experimenting with best ways to connect with you all. For example there's a live streaming option that I have never tried that might actually work well for teaching class at a designated time and also for sharing recorded videos! There's only one way to find out.... Let's give it a shot!

FRIDAY July 31st at 9:30am - 30 minute Breakfast Barre

Let's kick off the weekend this Friday July 31st with a fun and fabulous barre workout! I will use the breakfast barre in my kitchen as a barre to do some pile and arabesque booty sculpting exercises as well as a mat for some floor barre toning exercises but otherwise you will not need any equipment for this class. This is an experimental class to try using the Live Stream Function on the GVT website which I have never used before. I hope it is a great way for us to work out together!

You can click here to be directed to the new "Live Stream" Page on the Website and check out the options to buy or rent the video and also set a reminder for the class.

Setting Expectations and Going With the Flow

Obviously this is the first time I'm trying a Live Stream and I don't really know what to expect, but have hopes that it will be a great solution for us to connect and workout together - especially those of us who need a little more wiggle room with timing and can't always get to classes exactly at the scheduled time. However it might not be quite right for us, and we can always go back to the zoom workouts or do some of each!

Got Feedback?

I appreciate your feedback! In particular as I consider building a new schedule for August and beyond let me ask: What times work best for you? Do you prefer 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 miute workouts? What formats are your favorite? What are you in need of besides virtual workouts from the Good Vibe Tribe? I'm curious about all of this! Feel free to message me or comment below! I can't guarantee I'll be able to accommodate specific requests but I will try!

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