No Zoom classes this week

Hey everyone, I'm taking a week off from teaching the GVT Virtual class schedule. I feel I need to be more present at home with my kiddos right now and dedicate some more attention to my personal practice as well - which was kind of dropped on it's head and abandoned at the beginning of quarantine and I miss it. I'm back at work as you know and figuring out the mental, emotional and physical balance of reincorporating things like a commute, working with managers, and learning new complex systems that are essential to implement and complicated to enforce during a worldwide pandemic. it's really quite a lot to soak in.

Meanwhile, I have LOTS of recorded videos! Let me know if there's anything in particular you're looking for and I'll pass it along your way. Suggested donation is $5 for 30 min videos and $10 for 60 minute videos. I have Yoga Sculpt, VinyasaFLOW, barre, name it!

I hope you all have a great week. Try to connect with loved ones, let them know you care and you're there, and nurture yourself as well. What FEEDS your soul? Make time for that.

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