Phase 3

It was announced on Thursday that Phase 3 will begin in Chicago on Wednesday, June 3rd, allowing for gyms to begin to cautiously reopen - offering only outdoor group fitness classes limited to 10 people, and indoor 1-on-1 personal training. LSF plans to reopen with these offerings next week and I am planning to start back at work part time! I’m excited and nervous and very hopeful!

Classes will be available to members to book through the app for $10 per class. Non-members will also have an option to book classes but will need to pay an additional fee for access. My schedule is below (and in PINK on the Rock Phase 3 Schedule I created). It will begin Wednesday June 3rd! LSF Classes are available to BOOK NOW through your MyLSF App and they will very likely book quickly! So don’t delay to reserve your spot! You can book up to one week in advance so currently classes Wednesday-Saturday of next week are available to book! All LSF Outdoor Classes are 60 minutes long and will be held at Lakeshore Sport & Fitness Lincoln Park 1320 W Fullerton Chicago, IL 60614.

A note about safety: LSF is going above and beyond to protect staff and members and safety is the number one concern now and always. I personally was very on the fence about going back to work in Phase 3 and I would have chosen to stay at home without hesitation if there was any doubt in my mind that it was safe or there was a risk in the way LSF is running their new program. They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new state of the art sanitization equipment, consulted with experts, and hired many new people to help with cleaning between every class and disinfect every nook and cranny with UV radiation overnight. I also miss being around people and the unique and wonderful energy of our club! I want to be part of this reopening and contribute in my special way to making it a warm welcoming homecoming for all.



1:30-2:30 Outdoor Yoga Sculpt 


9:45-10:45 Outdoor Barre 

12-1 Outdoor Tabata Fusion 


4:15-5:15 Outdoor Barre 

5:30-6:30 Outdoor Yoga 


9:45-10:45 Outdoor Yoga Sculpt 


10:30-11:30 Outdoor Yoga 

11:45-12:45 Outdoor Yoga Sculpt 

What does this mean for Good Vibe Tribe? 

I will keep the website up and running and continue to teach virtual classes for now. There are so many of us who will not be able to come for whatever reason to experience group classes at LSF and I fully intend to continue providing virtual classes as long as I’m allowed to. I also want to continue to expand the offerings - in fact I have some exciting announcements about new developments I’m planning to introduce! GVT is about so much more than sweat; it’s about community, support and inspiration. We will continue to need this for the long run. I have had to play musical chairs with the schedule, but I think I’ve come up with something sustainable that works for LSF, my family, you all and MYSELF!! I’m excited about it! 

Virtual classes have all been reduced to 30 minutes as I begin to explore leaving the house again and teaching IRL (In Real Life). I don't know how this transition will effect my energy, my voice, my physical stamina, my emotional state...I know it will probably be taxing and befuddling after these months of rarely wearing shoes or walking out the front door, but I hope it will also be deeply fulfilling and a helpful reminder of who I am, what drives me and where I am meant to be!

My full schedule is below. The classes in TEAL are my ZOOM Classes. You can still book these through this website and donate for them here via PayPal or on Venmo (MikhailaBear) or QuickPay/Zelle (312-493-2671). The classes In PINK are at LSF and the classes in ORANGE are on the LSF Facebook Page. Lakeshore is rehiring me as an instructor (hopefully eventually I'll be back in my role as Group Fitness Coordinator) and will be paying me for these classes. The classes we present on Facebook are FREE. The classes we offer at the club are $10 each and you can book and pay for them through the MyLSF App. I realize this is complicated and this was a lot to read! If you're confused you can always ask questions and I'll do my best to help answer and advise! I can always stick around after Yoga Sculpt today at 10am and do a Q & A! Hope to see a lot of you there!! Here's a jump link for the class as a little prize for making your way to the end of this post!

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