Thank you for your donation

Thanks to everyone who took classes and made donations this week! 100% of donations from classes Mon-Sun went towards making a charitable contribution to the ACLU. We raised $350.00 and I made the contribution this morning! I appreciate your generosity, support and show of solidarity so much! We are making a difference!

How to support Black Lives Matter, wherever you are

Even if you can't afford to donate right now, or don't feel comfortable attending protests, there are ways you can participate in this movement from wherever you are.

Find and support Black owned businesses worldwide

This is a great tool to help you find Black owned businesses and show your support.

Watch the CNN/Sesame Street Racism Town Hall

It can be really hard to talk to kids about racism. I've been struggling to find ways to talk to my 8 and 10 year old daughters about what is happening right now and the history of racism in our country. And they have a lot of questions, observations and opinions about it. This is an incredibly disorienting, disturbing, and distressing time for them, as it is for all of us, and they want to know what is happening, why it's happening and where I stand. I want to feel confident answering their questions...but honestly it's not easy for me to know if I'm doing a good job or where or how to begin. I do know that silence is the only wrong answer. My girls and I watched some of this Town Hall together last night - we haven't watched Sesame Street in years, but watched a clip a friend posted online and found it engaging and informative, comfortingly familiar and I must admit I got a little choked up. Great place to start if you're having trouble talking to your kids about racism.

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