Yoga Sculpt LIVE tomorrow at 12pm!

Hi Guys!!! What are you doing tomorrow at 12pm? Nothing? ME TOO! Well not anymore!! We're doing Yoga Sculpt!! The virtual event is live and registration for class is open so go ahead and sign up now HERE.

I can't wait to see you and sweat with you! If you are actually NOT free tomorrow at 12pm that's fine, here's the plan: I'm going to attempt to record this class and post it on the GVT TV page where it will be available for rental or purchase. Now as you know...LITERALLY ANYTHING could go wrong with that plan so I'm not going to guarantee this recording will be available, but I'm going to try my best!

Remember when we used to gather massively IRL for workouts??

Ahhh... Those were the good old days!!! Sweating and hugging and high fiving each other, not a care in the world! We'll get back there someday. Can you find me in this pic?

Now it's more like this:

Am I socially distanced enough??

But seriously, let's keep in mind that this is temporary. And it's important. I'm staying at home to save lives. But that doesn't mean I'm sitting on my butt moping around being lonely and hating every moment of everyday. Let's do this together and try to make the best of things. Love you all and hope to see you tomorrow at 12pm!

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